Brand Vision

Pole Teacher Training is an inclusive and body positive certification that helps aspiring or current Pole Teachers get certified and further develop their skills. With our experience and research-based curriculums, we are providing you with the best tools to feel excited, motivated and confident as a Pole Teacher. 
Our goal is to break the stigma of pole dance by teaching about diversity, inclusivity and body positivity. These programs are for everyone; all levels, shapes, sizes and genders.


You feel safe and comfortable in our judgment-free zone where we practice consent and let go of our fears. Everyone in the community supports one another. As a Pole Teacher, we want to make our students feel safe.


You feel deep admiration for one another. As a Pole Teacher, we listen, we serve and we affirm our students. We care for each other.


You are accepted for who you are. We provide equal opportunities to everyone, not excluding people on the grounds of type of work, gender, race, class, sexuality, disability, etc.

Karolyne LaFortune

Also known as Kerosene (she/her). I'm a French-Canadian boss mama as the owner of Iron X Fitness pole studio and Pole Teacher Training. I'm also a performer, competitor and coach. Since the age of 3, I have performed in dance and music until finding my passion in pole in 2009. At around that same time, I was performing in burlesque with my own troupe, Bourbon&Spice Burlesque and playing violin for session gigs with different bands. I toured all over northern Canada to Indigenous communities and Tokyo, Japan for a music competition sponsored by Yamaha, in which we placed 2nd. 

The origins of my teaching experience come from many years of instructing violin. I always enjoyed the teaching aspects but after some time, I realized music wasn't the career path for me. As a result, in 2014 I went back to study Fitness & Health and during the summer of my 2 year program, I also completed my 200 hour intensive yoga teacher training. I used my newfound knowledge to teach yoga and pole from my home, local studios and running outdoor bootcamps until I decided to open my own space, Iron X Fitness, in 2016.

My teaching journey was mostly self-taught and involved a lot of trial and error and hard lessons along the way. It would have saved me a lot of heartache if there was a course for guiding me to teach pole. This is why I combined all my experiences and life lessons to create Pole Teacher Training. My goal is to help you thrive along your way.