Welcome to the most comprehensive 

Online Pole Beginner Certification


There's something really special about teaching pole. With expert trainers on hand, we know what it takes for you to become an outstanding Pole Teacher.

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Welcome to the most comprehensive 

Online Pole Beginner Certification


There's something really special about teaching pole. With expert trainers on hand, we know what it takes for you to become an outstanding Pole Teacher.

Get Certified now!

An immersive journey of expert training

You'll graduate ready to teach classes anywhere as a certified Pole Teacher, or even open your own studio! It's time to live your best life and chase your dreams!

Our in-depth, professional training gives you everything you need to graduate. With expert trainers on hand and high quality instruction, we know what it takes for you to become an outstanding Pole Teacher.

Our course is 100% online do-it-at-your-own pace with support from your trainers throughout the course.

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Unlimited Lifetime Access

Our in-depth Online Beginner Pole Teacher Training (PTT) course was created to provide you with valuable skills and knowledge to safely teach Pole Dance/Fitness classes. You will be guided to improve and enhance your teaching skills as a certified Pole Teacher.

Complete the certification course at your own pace with unlimited lifetime access!

\With our easy-to-use online portal system, you'll be guided through each lesson with relevant videos and written course material. A digital version of our course manual will be fully available at your convenience for referencing. You'll have access to our exclusive discussion forum to interact with the trainers and other students in the course.


Our course is divided into 10 curriculum with a quiz at the end of each section:

  • Section 1: Diversity & Inclusivity
  • Section 2: History & Equipment
  • Section 3: Anatomy
  • Section 4: Physics of Pole
  • Section 5: Curriculum
  • Section 6: Cueing
  • Section 7: Foundations of Pole
  • Section 8: Class Structure
  • Section 9: Classroom Management & Expectations
  • Section 10: Legal & Liability
  • Final Exam: Written & Practical

Who is this training for?

Our PTT Beginner Certification is designed for anyone who is already a Pole Teacher or an aspiring Pole Teacher.

This course can also be taken for self-growth and personal development without having to complete the written and practical exams.


We will be breaking down the movements in the course, however, we ask that you already have knowledge on the introductory moves like basic spins, transitions, climbs and sits.



Written Exam

Each section of the course contains a multiple choice quiz which must be completed at the end of that section. There is a final exam, also multiple choice, at the end of the course which covers the entire course material. The student must acquire a 100% grade to pass and become certified.

Each quiz and the final exam may be repeated as many times as needed to receive the passing grade of 100%. The exams are open book, however, the Pole Teacher must still know the material and study for the exam.

Practical Exam

To become certified, the Pole Teacher is required to teach a 30 minute mock class. The mock class must be submitted by video or be scheduled in-person/virtual with one of the trainers and submitted within 30 days of course completion.

*The video may not be edited with multiple takes.

*If the Pole Teacher does not have a mock student to teach, play-acting is acceptable.


To pass the certification, we require a minimum of 80% passing grade on the practical. After submitting your practical exam, you will receive your results and certificate within 60 days. The practical exam fee is included in the course fee. If you do not pass, you may redo your written exam as many times as you need and resubmit your practical exam within 30 days. There is a practical exam resubmission fee of $97 CAD + tax. A 30 day extension can be given for an additional fee of $25 CAD + tax.

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Course Key Objectives


As a Pole Teacher, 

  • Learn about the importance of communication.
  • Manage classrooms in various situations.
  • Learn about diversity and inclusivity.
  • Gain an understanding about the importance of consent.
  • Create effective warm-ups, cool-downs and class lesson plans.
  • Obtain knowledge in how movements link together to form a balanced class.
  • Demonstrate injury prevention techniques.
  • Implement safe learning progressions.
  • Teach different skill levels within one class.
  • Develop the ability to assess a student’s strength, mobility, stability and flexibility to better provide them with alternative options to reduce the chance of injury.
  • Understand the physics of pole movement, muscle activation, posture analysis, joint positioning and function of the core.
  • Develop coaching skills in order to properly cue and correct students in execution of movements and technical form.
  • Understand your responsibilities.

Safety is our #1 priority!

Meet Your Trainers


Bringing science and injury prevention to the pole industry.

Together, they bring a new approach to Pole Beginner Certification Trainings. Utilizing their fitness and dance backgrounds, they created this program to bring you the best methods to be able to teach your students.

Karolyne LaFortune

Karolyne, aka Kerosene, (she/her) is a boss mama who loves singing harmonies to pop songs while driving and cooking extravagant meals with lots of spinach. She has a love for spending time in nature to feel grounded and get away from the busy city life. 

Since the age of 3, she has performed in dance and music until finally finding her passion in pole and burlesque in 2009. After studying in fitness and health, she taught pole, yoga and outdoor bootcamps and personal training for a few years which led her to open her pole studio, Iron X Fitness, in 2016.

Terra Marie

Terra (she/her) loves Reggaeton music, shopping for the latest fashion trends online, and has a shoe addiction. You will most often find her strength training in the gym, on the salsa dance floor or travelling to unique foreign destinations. ADHD is her superpower!

Terra is the owner of Personal Training Kingston. She has been a highly accomplished movement specialist since 2003. Her Specializations include military fitness, pole, yoga, sports conditioning, correctional movement and dance. She started her pole journey in 2012 and is passionate about teaching body confidence and self love to the community.



Are you a Pole Studio Owner looking to certify your staff?

We offer online and in-person trainings to studios within Canada and group discounts on the Pole Beginner Certification course.

IN-PERSON TRAININGS - Bookings available for 2023. 



Pole Instructor Training Certification Accredited Canada Fitness

Graduate of Pole Beginner Certification

“I found the Pole Beginner Certification a slick, interesting, fun and informative learning experience.
Even though I’ve been a certified pole teacher since 2019, having gained various certifications, I felt like I learnt something new. Their thoughtful approach to teaching pole, their teaching techniques and their advice. My favourite thing about the training was its focus on inclusivity - this is the first time I’ve seen such a thorough inclusivity section in a teacher training, and I really liked their aim of educating its certified teachers to resist oppression and make sure everyone feels welcome in class.
Would recommend this training to polers looking to teach in a heartbeat!”

Graduate of Pole Beginner Certification

“Essential foundations for aspiring or current pole fitness teachers, as well as pole students.
With great insights to take forward as lifelong learning, this course breaks down the science that goes into the artistry of pole, sheds light on the historical context of pole and offers an array of class management and instruction techniques to suit your needs and preferences.
It equipped me with the knowledge I needed to grow as a professional and become a better instructor and life-long learner.
I would definitely recommend this training.”

Graduate of Pole Beginner Certification

“This course was a thorough, engaging, and fun way to learn the fundamentals of running a safe and successful pole class.
I was so impressed by the scope of the material covered, and I can’t wait to start applying it as a certified teacher.”

Graduate of Pole Beginner Certification

"Each section was thoroughly broken down to make it easily understandable and applicable to teaching from basic knowledge like anatomy to class structure and management. This course is a great opportunity to learn something new if you are a beginner or have been practicing pole for a long time.”

Graduate of Pole Beginner Certification

“The course gave me the techniques and practice to coach students of all kinds and to make my coaching more accessible.”




Graduate of Pole Beginner Certification

“Fun, positive learning environment. Great training for anyone interested in teaching pole fitness.” 

Graduate of Pole Beginner Certification

“Great training! Very thorough and safety focused”



Graduate of Pole Beginner Certification

“Learned useful tips to breakdown moves to become a better teacher for my students."

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