Got certified and hired. Now what?

Feb 28, 2022
Pole Fitness Beginner Instructor Certification Online Canada

You’ve just gotten certified and got hired to teach pole at a studio. Now what?

After completing our Pole Beginner certification training, you will most likely not feel 100% ready to teach. It’s totally normal to get the jitters before teaching your first class. 

Honestly, your first class will go however it goes. It will probably not be perfect and that's okay! Why does it even need to be perfect? We are human and we make mistakes, especially when it's our first time. 

Teaching is a skill that needs to be developed, just like when we first learn how to walk, or ride a bike. It's not easy and it takes time and practice to feel more confident. Being a good pole dancer doesn’t necessarily mean you will be a good Pole Teacher. 

Be sure to come prepared on your first class! It may not run as smoothly as what you imagined in your head and that’s okay. It takes practice to feel comfortable and confident teaching a group of students. If you stumble, stay confident and no one will know but you or correct yourself and move on. 

Whether you're teaching a levels class or a choreography class. When you show up prepared, it demonstrates confidence and organization. It'll also make you feel better about teaching the class instead of stumbling on what to teach next. 

Prepare your curriculum in advance but have room for deviations if creativity strikes you in the moment.

A lot of studios offer pole teacher mentorships/internships to help you prepare to teach and learn everything about the studio vibe and culture. Find out what your studio is offering in terms of training. 

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