How to connect with your students on their first class

Mar 09, 2022
4 Tips: How to connect with students on their first class
1. Welcome them with a positive attitude as soon as they walk in the door
This goes a long way to make someone feel welcome and comfortable in a brand new space. Immediately engaging with a new student creates a connection and bond.
2. Learn their names and pronouns and introduce yourself
Doing this makes your new student feel special and included, especially asking what their pronouns are. It shows respect and appreciation for that person. It creates a safe space for them to be themselves.
3. Make them feel safe, included and comfortable
By doing step 1 and 2, you have already created a connection and a safe space for them. Introduce the rest of the class with an ice breaker so everyone gets acquainted.
4. Be yourself!
This can’t be true enough! People will respect you for being you. It shows your true character and intentions. Have fun with your class and let your personality shine!

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