How to Pole Dance Your Way Through Pregnancy

Jan 26, 2023

Being pregnant doesn’t mean that you have to hang up your Pleasers and call it quits. In fact, pole dancing while pregnant is a great way to stay active and enjoy the energy that comes with being pregnant! Whether you’re just starting out or are already an experienced dancer, here are some tips on how to safely keep up your pole dancing routine while expecting.

Tips for Beginners - we recommend having a minimum of 6 months of pole experience
If you’re new-ish to pole dancing, start with some basic moves like spins, climbs, and hangs. Keep in mind, however, that pregnancy can make your body feel different than usual. Pay attention to how your body feels and don’t push yourself too hard. Make sure you warm up before each session and be sure to stretch afterward as well. You may want to take frequent breaks during practice or shorten the length of your sessions if necessary.

For safety reasons, we don't recommend learning any new tricks. As your bump grows bigger, it can be more challenging to dance like you used to. Another option could be to focus on flow or open-legged movements such as floorwork or twirling around the pole that don't require lifting yourself off the floor or moving too fast.

Tips for Experienced Dancers
If you already have experience with pole dancing before becoming pregnant then you may be able to continue more intense workouts throughout pregnancy depending on how comfortable you feel doing them and what your healthcare provider recommends. However, it's important to modify any more strenuous exercises and listen closely to what your body is telling you at all times during practice. For example, if certain moves increase heart rate beyond a safe level then switch them out for gentler options like stretches or low impact floorwork instead until heart rate returns back to normal levels. It's also important not only consider how far along in pregnancy you are but also what other activities may affect your ability do certain things (e.g., CrossFit or yoga) so factor those into consideration when choosing exercises for class time.

Pole dancing while pregnant is a great way stay fit—and have fun!—while expecting a baby! Whether this is your first time trying out the sport or not, following these tips can help ensure that both the pregnant person and baby are safe throughout the process of practicing this amazing art form! For those who want even more advice on teaching pole dancers during pregnancy or postpartum, check out our online Pre/Postnatal Pole Specialist Certification course.

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