What to wear while teaching

Feb 28, 2022
Pole Beginner Instructor Certification What to wear for pole class

Are you a new pole teacher and unsure of what to wear when you teach? Here are some outfits we recommend for you. 

First off, it all depends on the type of class you're teaching. What I mean by that is, if you're teaching complete beginners or an advanced heels class, you'll want to wear what is appropriate for the style you are teaching. The style of pole may require a certain attire for best results.

For beginners, we recommend wearing basic leggings and a tank top. The reason for this is that beginners are often nervous when they come to their first class and showing off too much skin at first glance can be intimidating for them. Especially seeing the pole teacher wearing very little may be a turn off. Also, having the legs covered in Intro class will help students not get stuck on the pole while learning spins. 

The more advanced your classes will become, usually the less clothing will be required so you need more skin stick. There are tons of pole clothing brands to choose from and mix and match your outfits. 

If you're teaching a sexy heels class, don't forget your heels! Another option for students who don't have heels or prefer not to wear them can be long socks (also available in plus size). They can slide around the floor better with socks compared to barefoot. An awesome sexy outfit, like a sports bra/strappy top/body harness and garter short-shorts or bodysuit are always fun to dance in and feel empowered. 

For a freestyle flow class, again depending on the style, we prefer wearing full coverage, meaning shoulders, legs, belly and feet. Knee pads are fantastic to protect your knees while dancing since they are lightweight and not bulky. 

If you're teaching a stretching class or the time of year is cold, it's best to start with a zip-up hoodie and sweat pants, or our all-time favourite; a onesie that you can take off easily as you warm-up. A back warmer is a great idea for back-bending classes!

Some studios will offer branded uniforms to wear to help promote the studio. They may be given free or deducted from your first pay. It all depends on the studio. 

Of course, these guidelines are all very subjective. You should wear whatever you feel most comfortable in for teaching your classes. Tell us in the comments what your fav outfits are for teaching!


*This blog post contains affiliate links. If you purchase an item on my list, there’s no added cost to you but we make a little $. Thanks for supporting small businesses! 

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