Why get certified?

May 18, 2022
Pole Beginner Instructor Certification Online Canada

Have you been pondering about the idea to get certified but didn't know why you should?

Even though pole has been around for over two decades, it's still a new industry. As you may have experienced, it's not standardized. Studios across the world have their own names for moves and ways of teaching. You might even see different move names at two different studios in the same city! 

With that being said, there has also been that argument of "should you get certified?". There are still a lot of pole studios worldwide that don't have certified staff.

What are the benefits of becoming certified?

1. Most insurance companies require it - by having a certification, it proves to the insurance company you are eligible for coverage and minimizes risks for them to insure you.

2. You build confidence in learning how to teach - our Pole Beginner Certification training teaches you HOW to teach students by offering various cueing tips, breaking down moves, adding progressions and providing methods of injury prevention. Most trainings will give you a basic break down of moves but not necessarily give you cueing options or offer different ways to teach students of all sizes and shapes.

3. It feels legitimate to you and your students - if you think about any other industry, most people will navigate towards certified/licensed professionals (doctors, personal trainers, childcare, massage therapists, etc.) because they have the piece of paper that proves they attended training or are standardized in some way. 

4. You'll learn a lot more by doing a course than trying to teach yourself - we have integrated years of practice and combined our expertise and knowledge from our dance, fitness, pole and yoga backgrounds into the Pole Beginner Certification training. We learned all of this over the years and created this program. Now, we're sharing all of this information with you in one click.


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